Hong Kong Lepidopterists' Society -Meeting News



Details and Matters discussed during 7th Jan 2006 HKLS meeting:
1.    HKLS will be carrying out monthly butterfly survey at Fung Yuen for Tai Po Environmental Assoication. The survey will start on the 14th January and will carry out every Saturday on the second week of each month. If the survey falls on a public holiday, it will carry over to the next following week.  The survey team will consist of at least three members and if any member wishes to participate, please contact Dr. P. C. Lee (23613879/94286029). The team will depart from Dr. Lee's office at noon time or meet at the entrance of Fung Yuen at 1:00pm.;


2. HKLS had applied for Q.E.F. fund for the purpose of organising activities for primary and secondary schools. The fund will also be used for book publication and buying neceesary computer hardware;


3.    Two prominently butterfly books of Hong Kong mainly The Butterflies of Hong Kong  by M.J. Bascombe, G. Johnston, F.S. Bascombe and Hong Kong Butterflies by J. C. S. Marsh will be added to HKLS library. If any member wishes to borrow, please come to HKLS office at Tuen Mun during the time of meeting.  The Butterflies of Hong Kong is now available for lending;


4.   HKLS had placed an order for  48 Soc. T-shirt. They should be available for sale during Chinese New Year and is around HK$42.0 each;


5.    The fee for Life member is reduced from $10,000 to$2,000. In addtion there will be a reduction of entrance fee if anybody joins after 1st October during the year. The membership runs from 1st April each year;


6.    HKLS will be assisting  GreenPower in various butterfly watching activities. HKLS will attend during the following:
        9 Apr 06 (4 members),
        23 Apr 06 (4 members),
        14 May 06 (2 members). If any member is interested in participate, do contact Yiu Vor or  Dr.Lee;


7.    There is will an oversea butterfly watching trip for about 5 - 6 days (14 - 17/4) during the Easter holidays. The trip is organised by Dr. Lee. If any member is interested, do contact Dr. Lee.  

Happy New Year!