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Hong Kong Lepidopterists' Society

The HKLS (Hong Kong Lepidopterists' Society) was founded in April 1999 as a company registered in Hong Kong (Co. No. 671949) and is also (as of July 3rd 1999) registered with the Hong Kong Govt. as a Charitable Institution (under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance).

The aims of the HKLS are, essentially, those established by the Society's forerunner, the Hong Kong Lepidoptera Group (HKLG). These have been expanded a little and now read as follows:

  • To provide a forum being a non-profit educational and scientific organization for people interested in Hong Kong's butterflies and moths;
  • To promote conservation of the Special Administrative Region's lepidoptera and the science of lepidopterology in all its branches;
  • To further the scientifically sound and progressive study of Lepidoptera;
  • To co-ordinate the recording, compiling and to distribute information to other organizations and individuals for purposes of education and conservation and appreciation of Lepidoptera;
  • To publish periodicals and other publications on Lepidoptera and to facilitate the exchange of ideas by both the professional worker and the amateur in the field

A bi-monthly newsletter is now produced (available to subscribing members only) and an annual report is to be published, following on from the HKLG report of 1997-98 (copies still available, price to be announced)

Participation at HKLS events is encouraged and helps to build up a body of knowledge strong enough to protect Hong Kong and South China's butterflies and moths from becoming a fading memory.

As the HKLS is a conservation organisation, it is seen fit to abide by a code for collecting of butterflies and moths. An adapted and translated version of the Joint Committee for the Conservation of British Insects' "Code for Insect Collecting" has now been adopted and must be agreed to (by signature) when applying for membership; failure to abide by the Code will result in expulsion from the Society.


The following persons were elected as Council Members of the Hong Kong Lepidopterists' Society for the session 2008 to 2009, on the Annual General Meeting.

1. LEE Ping Chung --- Chairman
2. YIU Vor ---Secretary
3. CHOI Kim Pang ---Treasurer
4. TANG Kam Ying Henry
5. YAU Shiu Man
6. SAE SHA Wai Cheung, Edward
7. LAW Yun Sang

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