Hong Kong Lepidopterists' Society Events & Activities

Belize - Central America 

Organiser: James Young and Lee Ping Chung

Belize is a paradise of butterflies. A field trip is scheduled on 20th to 28th January,  2004.  Belize was formerly a British colony so-called British Honduras in the Central America.  If you like to join us to see hundreds of Belize's most beautiful butterflies in the Central America and some Mayan ruins, do contact  Dr. P. C. Lee for details.  It is believed that Belize has over 1000 species of butterflies and more to be discovered.

Xunantunich at Cayo District, a Mayan ruin

Some of the majestic butterflies of Belize:

Family Hesperiidae

Astraptes bevicauda Astraptes  fulgerator Paches loxus
Polythrix asine Urbanus teleus Urbanus esmeraldus

Family Lycaenidae

Thecla marsyas Thecla bathilids
Evenus antinous Eumaeus godartii

Family Riodinidae

Argyrogrammana holosticta Mesosemia spp.

Family Nympahildae

Anartia fatima Hamadryas  spp.
Mestra amymone Siproeta  stelenes

Family Heliconidae

Heliconius charitonius Heliconius sapho


Family Brassolidae

Family Morphidae

Caligo spp. Morpho spp.

Family Ithomiidae

Family Danaidae

Greta oto Danaus gilippus

Family Satyridae

Cissia metaleuca
Cissia hesione Cissia libye

(prepared by J. J. Young)