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A good season for butterflies 


James Young 28th March, 2001


            We were blessed with a mild winter and the temperature was never below 10 C.  Many butterflies had already been seen flying since February.  

Zemeros flegyas (Cramer) Punchinello

      Neopithecops zalmora (Butler) Quaker

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Athyma selenophora (Kollar) Staff Sergeant  (female)

            A special field trip was organized by Vor Yiu to Lai Chi Shan on 10th March to locate the rare Parantica sita (Kollar), Chestnut Tiger, (Danaidae). Personally, I had only seen this butterfly in less than 10 places and never more than 3 adults at times.  They had been recorded in Lugard Road at The Peak, Oak Tau and Pak Tam Chung in Sai Kung,  Kadoorie Farm, Wu Kau Tang and Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve in Tai Po.   

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Choaspes benjaminii  Indian Awl King

        The trip went well and unexpectedly many P. sita were found especially in Lead Mine Pass. They were in numbers and at least 10 adults were seen around the open recreational area around the Pass.  

Parantica sita (Kollar) Chestnut Tiger 

        Many Papilio paris were also seen  feeding on flowers at the playground.  Though the weather was still cool at night for March at around 20C,  large number of butterflies would be expected to be flying very soon once the mercury went up to 24C  to  27C  with good sunshine for a week's time. There should be a great season ahead!