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 19th August 2001

Uk Tau to Chek Keng, Sai Kung

by Chi Hung Wong 


        To us, it was nothing better than wandering around  the country side to admire the wonderful scenery,  beautiful butterflies as well as other fascinating creatures. The hustle and bustle of city life could be forgotten.  

Horaga onyx (Moore) Onyx

        After getting off James' 4WD, we headed down along a narrow path searching for butterflies. Suddenly, James screamed! A Horaga onyx was right over there! He pointed at a small tree by the seashore and shouted excitedly!  Oh...yes! It was an Onyx over there! It was a rare Lycaenid in HK with a special wavy white pattern across the hindwings. Needless to say, all of us were very excited and immediately we moved closer. We wasted no time and in just a few seconds, we took many photographs with our cameras.


         Yiu Vor had always said that "Butterflies are the best models and the nature  provides the best background".  It was very true indeed, wasn't it ?

       Neptis hylas (Linnaeus)  Common Sailer

         Besides the Onyx, we also greeted with many other beautiful butterflies, such as the Spindasis syama (shown  below). It was a not uncommon butterfly but was always neglected due to its small size,  about the size of a 50 cents coin.  Although the butterfly was quite colourful, it could sometimes be difficult to locate.   



                                        Spindasis syama (Horsfield) Club Silverline

        Not only  the butterflies,  grasshoppers, dragonflies were very interesting but also even some plants...  .  It was worthwhile to understand them whether for their survival or continuity of their species and tried not to miss them next time while strolling along  country parks.

        We were tired after a day's walking but were satisfied for our effort had paid off. We went home with great joy and happiness.  

James, Lillian, Gilbert and Jeffrey