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Brief Report on a Trip to Wu Kau Tang

 P. C. LEE


Yiu Vor and I decided to go to Wu Kau Tang on the 13th of  December.  The weather was fine but a bit cold, the temperature  ranged  from 15 to 22 degrees C.   We started late at about  1:50pm  after my work.  We entered Tin Sum and immediately saw a small Lycaenidae. We knew it was something not common.  After checking the digital camera image we confirmed that it was a badly worn Creon cleobis. We could not get any good pictures because it flew high on the tree tops. We started to walk towards A Ma Wat where we  saw a male Hasora badra (Hesperiidae) which was  slightly damaged  but still in good shape. It was quite close so we had the opportunity to take many shots. Then we went to Mui Tsz Lam by-passing Lai Chi Wo. There we chanced upon another  Creon cleobis which was in perfect condition and at close range. This time we were able to get some good photos. We then turned to Sam A Tsuen, and on our way, we saw a female Hasora  badra which was also in very good condition. Naturally, a lot of photos were taken. The sun was setting fast after 3:30pm and and there was nothing else but a Riodinid flying at 4:00pm. We managed  to get back to the car park at dusk. There were very few butterflies seen during the trip.

Creon cleobis - male (Lycaenidae)
Hasora  badra (Hesperiidae)

Addendum: Another Creon was photographed a week later in Kau To Shan.