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Brief report on the Field Trip to Nan Ling National Reserve,
Guangdong, China ( August 1st to  August 5th  1999 )

by Gable Wang
photos by James Young

Neorina patria (Leech) Aug., 1
            James Young, Gable Wang, Lam & Man arrived Guangdong Nanling National Reserve Area on a cloudy afternoon with the temperature around 26° to 29°C. We took some short trips to the surrounding areas. Only some moths were spotted at night (including Cyclommatus scutellaris) and the beetle (with elongated foreleg) Cheirotomus macleayi (male). Members are disappointed with the lack of butterflies!

Neorina patria (Leech) - Nymphalidae; Satyrinae

Meandrusa sciron (Leech) Aug., 2
            The weather was sunny in the morning and cloudy in the afternoon, with the temperature between 25 and 30°C, members visited the mid section forest area of the "5 Finger Hill" and visited the Virgin Forest. Papilio memnon, Athyma jina, Heliophorus phenicoparyphus, Spindasis syama, Thoressa latris, the beautiful Meandrusa sciron, Agehana elwesi & Papilio arcturus were found. An interesting Bug (with very large mandibles) was also found:- Lucanus maculifemoratus, L. swinhoel.

         Meandrusa sciron (Leech) - Papilionidae

Aug., 3
            The day's weather started cloudy in the morning with some sunny breaks, though thunder & heavy rain fell in the afternoon; temperature 24°-28°C. Members visited the National Nature Reserve Fall Area. Papilio memnon, Pseudergolis wedah and Euploea mulciber were spotted. Interesting beetles (with large mandibles) included Dorcus yamadai and D. titanus as well as the big Long-horn Beetle Allomyrina dichotoma (only female). Further examples of Cheirotomus macleayi (both male & female) were spotted too.

Dodona sp. nr. ouida Dodona sp. nr. ouida
unidentified Dodona sp., possibly Dodona ouida (Riodinidae), 

but lacks spot on the costa of underside of hindwing

Aug., 4
            Weather cloudy, took few short trips to the surrounding green areas. Only some small beetles found. No interesting butterflies found.

Aug. 5
            weather: Sunny; temperature 22°C-30°C. Members returned to Hong Kong. (Why is it that the good weather is kept for the return trip home?!)