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Update of new records - 2007

There have been few sightings of new records and long lost record reappearing for Hong Kong in the past year due to the many people taking interest in butterflies. I take the liberty of sharing the information at hand even though the sightings may well come from a single photograph taking by casual butterfly watchers. If we have to gather positive evidence as to the existence of new records, which may well include taking a specimen, it may be difficult and time-consuming. Such information may be hidden in drawers for a long time and may get lost before it is confirmed and published.

New and confirmed records:

1) Polyura eudamippus (Nymphalidae) - Another specimen was positively sighted in To Kwu Ping, Sai Kung by Dr. Alistair Ballantine in addition to the early sighting made by Dr. Roger Kendrick in Lam Tsuen, Tai Po. There is no doubt that this butterfly does fly in Hong Kong. Do watch out. 

2) Eliotia jalindra (Lycaenidae) - Another photograph was taken during the year by Mr. Telemann Ka,  from which the butterfly in question is no doubt Eliotia jalindra as pointed out by Dr. Alistair Ballantine. This butterfly is the only species in this genus as described by Hayashi in 1978, which has a wide distribution. The other species are confined in the Philippines.

Eliotia jalindra (male specimen from Nepal)* 

* kindly provided by Dr. Ballantine.

3) Tongeia spp. (Lycaenidae) - A Tongeia spp. was spotted in the Victoria Peak in July 2006 and a photograph was posted in HKLS Forum. I have not seen the photograph as it was subsequently deleted. Two possible candidates are Tongeia hainani and Tongeia potanini. I would reckon the most likely chance of any Tongeia spp. to be found in Hong Kong will be Tongeia hainani. It is found both in Hainan Island and Taiwan.  Tongeia potanini is more of a temperate species. Tongeia hainani is reported to feed on Hoya carnosa and Bryophyllum spp. which are found on the Peak.

Tongeia hainani - from Ra Ra Mts. Taiwan Tongeia potanini - from Ru Yang, Gaungdong

@4) Potanthus lydia (Hesperiidae) - A new Potanthus spp. was photographed in Fung Yuen, Tai Po by Mr. Kenny Lau. "The best guess is Potanthus lydia for it has elongated rectangular costal spot on the hindwing "- by Dr. Hideyuki Chiba. 

5) Ypthima spp. (Nymphalidae) -  A distinctly different Ypthima spp. was photographed earlier in Kai Shan, Yuen Long in the New Territories. There is nothing similar in the oriental region and appears to be typical of a Chinese species. It resembles Ypthima tappana.  A definite specimen is needed for further ids.

6) Euripus nyctelius (Nymphalidae) - Several adult males had been sighted hill-topping in Kadoorie Farm and Cloudy hill in recent years. No female was seen so far.

7) Jamides alecto (Lycaenidae) - An adult male was photographed in the Victoria Peak in August 2007.  It appears that the butterfly has re-established itself on the Peak again.

( prepared by J. J. Young) 

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