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New butterfly record in Hong Kong

Polyura eudamippus (Doubleday, 1843)

According to Roger Kendrick, a Polyura species, family Nymphalidae was observed feeding on fruits of longan at his place at Ping Long, Lam Tsuen Valley in the New Territories on 11th August 2002 at around 17:00. 

On closer inspection, it was revealed to be Polyura eudamippus (Doubleday, 1843) instead of the more common Polyura nepenthes (Grose-Smith, 1883). This represents another new record for Hong Kong. 

It is advisable that all P. nepenthes in Hong Kong should be closely checked for possible P. eudamippus.  A vouched specimen may be needed for confirmation. This P. eudamippus had been reared in Hong Kong using Archidendron lucidum (Benth.) Nielsen formerly Abarema lucida (BENTH) of the family Fabaceae. (updated under Hong Kong Vascular Plants; Distribution and Status- R.T. CORLETT R.T. , XING F.W., NG S.C. CHAU K. C. WONG M. Y. JUNE 2000)

It should also be noted that its sister species, Polyura narcaeus (Hewitson, 1854) may very well be found in Hong Kong as it is fairly common in Guangdong. Its host plants namely Trema tomentosa (Roxb.) Hara and various Albizia spp. are also locally common. Do watch out for this species. 

  The butterfly Final instar larva
Polyura eudamippus (Doubleday, 1843)


Polyura nepenthes (Grose Smith, 1883)
Polyura narcaeus (Hewitson, 1854)
Polyura athamas (Drury, 1770)


(prepared by J J Young)