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Another new skipper recorded in Hong Kong -

TThoressa monastyrskyi Devyatkin, 1996  ( Family Hesperiidae) 

J. J. Young & Philip Lo


An unidentified skipper was collected by an AFCD staff on 17th May,  2002 at Yung Shue O, Sai Kung. It was identified to be Thoressa monastyrskyi Devyatkin, 1996 by Alex Devyatkin. Since then, a few specimens had been collected at the same place in Yung Shue O and a nearby hill presumably at hill-topping. The details can be found in AFCD Biodiversity Newsletter no. 5 , August 2003 issue.  It was further confirmed by Alex to be Thoressa monastyrskyi monastyrskyi Devyatkin, 1999 which belongs to the subspecies from North Vietnam. 

T. monastyrskyi in Hong Kong ( male - upper and underside)


The type specimen - TThoressa monastyrskyi Devyatkin, 1996

Schematic view of vital parts - genitalia of T. monastyrskyi (type)

This butterfly was described by A. L. Devyatkin based on a series of 26 specimens collected in the northern provinces of Vietnam. His work is published under Atalanta (December, 1996) 27 (3/4): 601-602, pl. X.

The 'type' pictures are kindly provided by Alex Devyatkin.

T. monastyrskyi - type specimen collected in Northern Vietnam (Male)

T. monastyrskyi - specimen collected in Hong Kong (Male)

A similar Thoressa submacula Leech, 1890(Male)  found in Guangdong, may probably appear in Hong Kong in the near future. Do look out for this species as well.  

At the same time, the larva of this species has been found feeding on bamboo. It is therefore very likely that the recorded T. monastyrskyi in Hong Kong may very well feed on bamboo. In fact, the location of all the specimens so collected are in the proximity of bamboo forest. This indicates the likely habitat of  T. monastyrskyi.

Genitalia of T. submacula

N.B. the left and right valves are differently shaped

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