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Notable Hong Kong
Lepidoptera records (1999)

Of particular note are the second and third ever records of Schrankia bilineata Galsworthy, 1997 [Noctuidae; Hypenodinae].
This species was first recorded in July 1994 from Mai Po Marshes in the north-west of Hong Kong's New Territories, from which a description was published in 1997. A second specimen was found at the Kadoorie Agricultural Research Centre in the central New Territories, in a moth trap (mercury vapour light trap) run just a few metres from a hill-stream in July 1999 and a third seen in woodland near Tai Po Kau Lo Wai, also in the central New Territories, at the end of September 1999.

A clearwing moth (Toleria sinensis Walker [Sesiidae]) only known from Hong Kong and not seen since the 1860's, has been recorded by Mr. Ping-wing CHAN of the Agriculture and Fisheries Dept. (AFD) (H.K. Govt.) from Ma On Shan Country Park in the eastern New Territories. The following information was provided by Stephen Lai (AFD, Tai Lung Experimental Research Station) by way of Gaden Robinson at the Natural History Museum, London.:
Additional Notes - Moth larvae and pupae were collected from the tree trunk of Ormosia pachycarpa at Ma On Shan (Shatin), New Territories, Hong Kong on 24 May 1999. Over 20 trees (Ormosia) were badly affected. One of the most severely affected trees was cut down and part of the tree trunk was brough back to Tai Lung Farm for further observation. Adult moths subsequently emerged over the period of 2-6 June 1999. Entomopathogenic nematodes (Steinernema carpocapsae) were sprayed on the tree trunk as a control measure but no information is available on its efficacy.
Let's hope (for the sake of maintaining Hong Kong's endemic wildlife) the nematodes are not too successful!

A third Hong Kong record of Hayesiana triopus Westwood, 1847 was noted when a dead individual was recorded from Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (by CHAN Kam Wan), central New Territories, in early September 1999.