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New butterfly record in Hong Kong

Chilasa agestor (Gray, 1831)

Chocolate Mime 褐 斑 鳳 蝶

(Family Papilionidae)

(Update: 25th March, 2003)

Several C. agestor were observed this year at Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve. It seems that the butterfly has been able to sustain its population at the Reserve.  It is hoped that the butterfly can spread its wings to other parts of Hong Kong.  Members of the HKLS led by Vor Yiu had ventured to locate this early butterfly of the year and were successful to collect the butterfly under their cameras.



25th March, 2003 at Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve


                    In March 2002, AFCD found a live specimen of Chilasa agestor  in the New Territories.  It is a typical Chinese species found in the Southern China and Taiwan as well. It appears in early April in Nan Kun Shan and Nan Ling in Guangdong. The butterfly has only one generation in a year and that is probably why it has not been observed in the past.


Male ( 7th April, 1998 - Nan Ling, Ru Yang) Female ( 30th March, 1998 - Nan Kun Shan)

(please click on the pictures to see the partial life history of this butterfly)


(Prepared by J. J. Young)