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New butterfly record in Hong Kong

Hesperiidae: Hesperiinae

Halpe paupera walthewi Devyatkin, 2002

This butterfly was described by A. L. Devyatkin and published under Atalanta 33 (1/2): 131, pl. IV, f. 7-8, TL: Hong Kong [Hesperiidae: Hesperiinae]. This subspecies is described based on the sole female collected by Graham Reels on Ma On Shan at an altitude of approximately 500m (KV156814), 16 October 1996. (somewhere between Ma On Shan BBQ site and Ngau Ngak Shan, along a patch of Dwarf bamboo on the ridge, though named after George Walthew) 

Update - 21st October, 2003

The following pictures are provided by Philip Lo collected at Ngau Ngak Shan:

Male - upper and underside
Female - upper and underside


Close up view of the male sex band

See further update under News of two Halpe species in Hong Kong - Family Hesperiidae



The type specimen

The original type (above) was first discovered in Vietnam - Halpe paupera Devyatkin, with TL: C.Vietnam, Thanh Hoa, Xuan Mu, loc. Xuan Lien, 300m.

It was published under Atalanta (Jun, 2002) 33 (1/2): 129, pl. IV, f. 5-6, 

The above pictures are kindly provided by A. L. Devyatkin.

(prepared by J J Young)