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News on the two Halpe species in Hong Kong

 - Family Hesperiidae

1) Halpe porus (Mabille, 1877)


We welcome the news that a photographer - SHUN had photographed a very fresh H. porus feeding on bird droppings by the coast at Lai Chi Wu in recently weeks. It seems that the butterfly has returned. Shun had uploaded his picture onto a local photo club : http://www.foto28.com/showphotos.php?showphotoID=16379&pcategory=4



Thanks to Ah Shun for sharing! 




2) Halpe paupera walthewi Devyatkin, 2002


Since the discovery, some HKLS members had climbed the Ngau Ngak Shan hoping to observe this butterfly. Although it is difficult to get to the top due to the steep climb and the heat during the summer months, a few specimens had been observed. The life history of the butterfly was also discovered recently by Philip Lo. Hopefully, he will be publishing his finds shortly.


The following 2 pictures were taken this year:


Taken early October, 2003 at Ngau Ngan Shan  Expupa- female 




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by J. J. Young