Hong Kong Lepidopterists' Society

HKLS - Offer for talk on butterflies and host field trip for butterfly watching

By James Young

In recent years, there seems to be a greater awareness and concern of the conservation in Hong Kong. With the Romer¡¦s tree frog discovered and subsequently lost on Chap Lap Kok, where the new airport is now located, and the danger of extinction of the Chinese white dolphins off Tuen Mun, Hong Kong's people are becoming concerned about the living environment, not just mere economic success and prosperity.

Many environmentalists, including various green groups have strived to lobby for the protection of our environment. The Hong Kong Lepidopterists' Society (HKLS) want to assist by educating people, especially young children, to appreciate the beauty of butterflies. With the love for our beautiful butterflies and their survival, we hope we can come to care for the place we all share and live in. By doing so, they may be conserved for future generations.

To achieve this aim and as part of our community services, HKLS are offering free talk on Butterflies of Hong Kong. At the same time, HKLS can organise and host a field trip after the talk for butterfly watching for a nominal fee of HK$500.00

Please look up the attached brief content of our intended talk and field trip. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us or call the following persons direct:

YIU Vor 9208-9647

In the mean time, please watch out for the programmes by the Leisure and Recreational Services Department as we are offering the same programmes to the public as well.